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“ I just wanted to tell you that the house was fantastic. I can not believe how much they cleaned in 3 hours!!! Way beyond expectation”- Erin W.

“ I was very pleased with the crew you sent to clean my home. They were very polite, professional, on time, and I didn't even recognize my home when they were done! It's been a LONG time since it's been so clean! Fantastic!”- Tammy L.

“ We were very pleased with our cleaning. I believe it is "Sander" - not only does he do a great job we feel very comfortable with him in our home. He seems like a wonderful guy”- Tracy

House Cleaning Calgary - Why Flexibility Is So Important When Hiring A New Cleaner

These days it has become an increasingly popular choice: to hire a maid and let them take over the never-ending task of keeping the house clean. A cleaning service can make it so much easier to keep your home clean, sanitary and organized, and as such they have become a very popular choice for households from all walks of life. If you’re thinking that a maid service is right for you, you should make sure to align yourself with a company that prides itself on its flexibility. An adaptable nature is so important in this business. Here’s why:


Customizing The Checklist


A lot of cleaning services come to your home with a checklist that they bring to everybody’s home. The checklist contains a series of tasks that they are willing to do for you, and while it may be quite exhaustive inevitably it does not conform to the unique nature of your home. The best cleaning services have a comprehensive checklist to start out with, but allow you to add unique and individual tasks to it, or to prioritize tasks according to your specific needs and desires. In short, they are willing to totally shape their cleaning agenda according to your desires.


Working Around Missed Days


There are some cleaning companies that are totally unequipped to handle days where you have had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. This can leave your house worse for the wear, and inevitably you will find yourself pitching in a bit to get the home back to a workable order. If you have missed a day and you would like to get the maid service to come on an alternate day of the week, this option should be available to you. The best maid services make sure that there is no reason why you cannot reschedule.


Using New Eco-Friendly Cleaning Agents


A great cleaning service is also willing to defer to any allergies or sensitivities you may have in your home to their specific cleaning products, and will be willing to substitute what they usually work with for environmentally friendly substitutions. If this is an important issue for you, than it is more or less a must that your cleaner be willing to accommodate you in this regard. The best cleaners will not even give it a moment’s hesitation, but will immediately start working with the cleaning products that you prefer.


If you’re interested in finding a house cleaning Calgary service that is willing to be flexible around some of your individual wants and needs, perhaps we can help. We are a top-rated cleaning service in Calgary and we would be glad to be of service however we can. Contact us now to learn more about the service that we offer, or call to set an appointment with us right away.

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